System Assessment Scan on Windows Computers; task fails with Return code 2147418113

After you finish all the steps above, you can successfully get the backup image of your computer. If the broken registry items problem occurs again, you can restore your computer from this backup image. After you finished all steps above according to your needs, now it will reset your Windows system. When the operation is completed, the broken registry items error could be fixed.

The tool comes with many preset repair options to repair Windows updates, clean after a malware attack, or simply reset permissions. Although you can also individually select repair types and run them. Open Disk Management, select the drive that you want to check and fix, then right-click it and choose Property. Then it will scan your drive for hard drive errors and repair hard drive Windows 10 automatically. Whether you’re using Microsoft Defender or a third-party antivirus like Avast, you should be able Xerox driver to use these tools to free your PC from a damaging malware infection.

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To use the registry cleaner, first open the Start menu and click on the “Settings” button. In the Settings window, under “System and Security,” click on the “Windows Registry” link. The Windows Registry will open in the default editor. To use the registry cleaner, select the “Tools” tab and then select the “Registry Cleaner” option. Once the repair is completed, check if you can boot Windows computer as before, and your registry errors are fixed. If SFC didn’t repair the Windows registry, you could try using the DISM command.

  • You have to accept the truth that it’s a problem with the user profile in Windows and it’s been corrupted.
  • Then in the screen of installing Windows, select “Repair your computer”.
  • Acrobat supports Windows Image Acquisition drivers.
  • You can fix corrupt system files and registry entries with SFC utility.

First, you need to open the Command Prompt in administrator mode. To do this, right-click the Start menu and choose Administrative Tools. You can also use sfc /verifyonly if you’re unsure which one to use. In either case, you’ll see a progress bar and a list of errors.

Fix: “Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator”

To check if WMI can see the HBA information, use the above commands. The appliance scans port 135 to determine whether the port is open and therefore the target is likely to be a Windows host. If the port is open, then further discovery is undertaken using the Windows proxy.

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